2017 / 10 / 30 comments

FeathersJS OAuth authentication with cordova

FeathersJS OAuth authentication with cordova

Using OAuth with cordova can be complicated because the process implies some url redirections. So when using FeathersJS OAuth login with a cordova app, an extra step is added. This tutorial shows how to solve this problem.

For this guide you are going to need a working cordova app. You can use something like ionic, quasar or my vue cordova template.

Also here you have an example of a cordova app working with feathers oauth authentication.

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2017 / 10 / 22 comments

Making work the Vue.js webpack template with cordova

Making work the Vue.js webpack template with cordova

There are already frameworks like ionic or quasar that makes easy to build cross-platform web based apps. The thing is that they usually take a lot of decissions for you like css styles or frontend frameworks.

So here is a tutorial for making the official Vue Webpack template work with cordova.

Why to do this? It gives you a codebase that works with browsers, ios and android with exactly the same code.

So now you can use all your dev tools for web development. The thing I most like about this approach is coding on my browser, with the webpack hot reload, so I can test the changes without waiting my ios or android app to compile.

Also it should be easy to adapt this steps to any other webpack config.

So lets start! First we install the webpack template

npm install -g vue-cli
vue init webpack vue-webpack-cordova
cd webpack vue-webpack-cordova
npm install
npm run dev
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2017 / 10 / 11 comments

How to install Arch Linux on a macbook with retina (hidpi) support and graphic switching

How to install Arch Linux on a macbook with retina (hidpi) support and graphic switching

Installing linux on a macbook it’s a little bit different compared to any other laptop, that’s because of some weird hardware decisions that apple has taken.

Here is an opinionated guide for installing Arch Linux on a macbook.

This guide explains how to have installed in your arch:

  • hidpi support for all the apps
  • good performance and energy consumption
  • faster ux with less cpu/memory thanks to i3
  • graphic switching between integrated and discrete cards

For this tutorial I used a MacBookPro11,5 but it should work (probably) in any other mac.

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2017 / 07 / 26 comments

Simplifying Vue.js development

Simplifying Vue.js development

Vue.js is currently one of the most powerful and easy to learn tools for web development. But after some time using the official templates I learned the following tricks to code faster, write less code and make my life easier.

So, here it is the process that I follow when I start a new project based on Vue.js

This github repo contains all the code explained in this article.

Let’s start creating an app with the vue webpack template using the vue-cli

vue init webpack my-simple-vue-project
# Say yes to use eslint and pick the standard

cd my-simple-vue-project
npm i
npm run dev
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