2014 / 08 / 25

The Journey of 92.4b-A

The Journey of 92.4b-A

This game was made for the Ludum Dare 30 and the Connected Worlds theme.


windows mac repo


  1. Catch the orange spheres with Robot 92.4b-A in world z
  2. Put the saved spheres in the oven with Robot 92.4b-B in world x
  3. Reach the sun.


  • z and x to change the current world
  • left, right and up arrows to move
  • esc to exit the game


  • Game design: Miguel Dorta and Tenesor Cruz
  • Art: Tenesor Cruz
  • Programing: Miguel Dorta
  • Music: Ely Polegre

screenshot 1 screenshot 3